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In an increasingly competitive market, companies seek to become more efficient and streamline their processes. It is essential to be supported by professionals who have in-depth expertise and a strategic vision.

Our chartered accountants assist French and foreign managers and finance departments in meeting their accounting and tax obligations. Your success depends on your decisions. That’s why we want to help you make the right decisions at the right time. We provide you with services tailored to your needs and innovative tools to manage your business.

Beyond accounting
Accounting outsourcing
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Your accounting with peace of mind

Keeping and reviewing your company’s accounts is not just a legal obligation, but above all, a strategic opportunity. It gives you a clear picture of your business and enables you to make the right decisions.

We can handle all of your accounting needs. You can carry out your daily data entry operations while benefiting from the supervision of a recognised group.
Our chartered accountants can also assist you with any issues you may have.

Powerful management tools and numerous complementary services

By placing your trust in us, you gain access to powerful management tools that help you manage your business. And thanks to our unique multi-specialist group, we can meet all your needs and expectations on a day-to-day basis.

Business valuation

We can value your business and provide you with a reliable measurement tool.


Periodic monitoring of your business enable you to view your key figures at a glance.

Flash forecast

In connection with a business plan, we will prepare a financial file for a period of between one and ten years.

Tax audit assistance

During the various stages of the audit, we will assist you in defending your interests and minimising any adjustments that may be made.

Financing searches

We put in place appropriate financing resources by seeking suitable partners and providing support during negotiations.

Payroll management

Payslips are subject to strict and constantly changing laws. Call on our experts to save time and increase efficiency.

Retirement pension assessments

For executives or employees, retirement must be prepared. We calculate your rights and our experts will provide you with valuable advice to optimise your pension.

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