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Employment & HR: securing your labour relations

Securing your labour relations

Our dedicated team of professionals offers genuine expertise in managing employment and HR issues to assist you on a day-to-day basis in managing individual and collective relations with your employees.
The complexity and constant changes in employment law and numerous regulations lead companies to outsource payroll and human resources management. Delegating these tasks to us will enable you to become more efficient by refocusing on your core business. Our teams will ensure you are in compliance on employment issues and will help you optimise the management of your human resources through the opportunities offered by the legal framework.

Genuine expertise

We assist you on a day-to-day basis in managing individual and collective relations with your employees.

Payroll management

Depending on your requirements, you may delegate your payroll management to us, in whole or in part. If you wish to remain autonomous, we can install our payroll software package in your system, which will enable you to retain control while benefiting from a high-performance software package with no investment or maintenance cost.

Life of employment contracts

The employment contract, the foundation of the relationship between the employer and the employee, sets out the rights and obligations of each party. It is essential to be well advised with respect to all formalities associated with hiring and in general, throughout the life of the employment contract, so as to avoid mistakes.
Our lawyers specialised in labour law are at your disposal.

Hiring an employee

Our lawyers are at your service to draft employment contracts, file mandatory declarations and complete affiliations with the competent bodies.

Life of employment contracts

Our lawyers will assist you with issues related to employment contracts: drafting, mandatory declarations, affiliations, absences, career development, etc.

Discipline and termination

Our teams will help you to determine the most secure procedure and manage the formalities.

Legal support

Assistance with employment issues requires in-depth expertise and an ongoing regulatory watch. Your chartered accountant and our team of employment lawyers are available to deal with all your issues.

Employee representatives

If your company has at least 11 employees, we will assist you in complying with your legal obligation to hold elections in the form of a Social and Economic Committee.

Company agreements

Working time set on the basis of a fixed number of days per year, paid leave, teleworking, etc. To have a contractual base adapted to your needs, receive assistance enabling you to convert the legal framework into an opportunity.

Employment audits

Working time set on the basis of a fixed number of days per year, paid leave, teleworking, etc. To have a contractual base adapted to your needs, receive assistance enabling you to convert the legal framework into an opportunity.

Employee savings plans

Take advantage of changes in the law to motivate your employees through profit-sharing, incentive schemes and employee savings plans: drafting agreements, costs

Beyond advice on employment issues

In addition to handling requests for advice on purely employment issues, Exponens offers its expertise in certain specific areas.

Assistance with inspections

Whether scheduled or unexpected, each inspection can be a source of anxiety.

Our experts will assist you in handling inspections.

Retirement pension assessments
For executives or employees, retirement must be prepared. Our experts will calculate your rights and provide you with valuable advice to optimise your pension.


As a training organisation, we have experts who can offer a range of different courses: legal current events, Social and Economic Committee training, tax withholding, etc.

Risk management

Control your risks and secure your performance via a comprehensive and modular system adapted to your business activity and your needs.

Foreign Desks

We also assist subsidiaries of foreign groups with their employment management issues: payroll management, employment contracts, consultancy, etc.
In addition, we have strong expertise in representatives of foreign companies.

Payroll management is an essential task because the payslip is a key element of the employer-employee relationship. This document, which must comply with numerous legal and administrative obligations, requires particular attention and an ongoing regulatory watch.

We simplify this management while fully adapting to your needs.

Managing employees’ pay in-house requires specific resources and an ongoing regulatory watch. It is a time-consuming and costly activity that requires appropriate and secure information systems.

By choosing us, you gain expertise and ensure permanent compliance. You will be assisted by our experts and lawyers, while benefiting from the latest advances in software to increase productivity.

An à la carte solution

Because each company has different needs and challenges, we tailor our services to best meet your needs.

Outsourced payroll

You will gain time and peace of mind, and will be able to stay focused on your business without having to acquire specific payroll management tools. You won’t have to worry about anything, our team will handle everything from A to Z.

Collaborative payroll

A customisable level of support to enable you to maintain a level of autonomy. You will input the payroll variables into our software and will be able to access the employment reports at all times.

In-house payroll

Do you want to be autonomous in managing your payroll? If so, we then provide you with high-performance software with no maintenance cost. For one-off needs, our teams will be available to take over from you at any time.

Innovative and effective payroll management software

To facilitate the management of your employees’ payslips, our software is the ideal and complete tool to save time and enhance efficiency. You will benefit from a compliant payroll service thanks to an ongoing regulatory watch, advanced automation to save you a maximum of time, a mass data entry mode, and a simple solution to set up on your premises.

With no investment or maintenance costs, you will have access to innovative, high-performance payroll management software, which our teams can access to take over from you any time if necessary.

Increased productivity

Advanced automation and mass data entry to save a maximum of production time.

Compliance ensured.

Your payroll will always be compliant thanks to an ongoing regulatory watch on employment issues and regular checks.

Simplified set-up

A quick and easy solution to set up on your premises, with no investment or maintenance costs.

Collaboration with the firm

Seamless collaboration with our teams and simplified information sharing for more productive work.

A chartered accountant by your side

Our chartered accountants provide services in a wide range of business sectors, as a result of which they have over time developed in-depth knowledge of the specificities of various sectors.

We have learned how to master your challenges and understand the issues in your sector. This unique support, in line with you and your concerns, aims to better guide you in your strategic decision-making and create opportunities to promote growth.

Choosing Exponens

By choosing us, you will benefit from an à la carte service, high added value from an independent and recognised group, and highly qualified teams.


We are committed to a quality approach, internally through the ongoing training provided to our teams and the development of our processes, and with respect to our clients to guarantee the excellence of our services.

Diversity of experience

With a rare team consisting of statutory auditors, risk managers, actuaries, external auditors, insurers, in-house lawyers and chartered accountants, our group has the ability to assist companies regardless of the challenges they face.


All our experts have developed strong sector-specific expertise to assist you under optimal conditions.


Thanks to our expertise in information systems and IT security, we are able to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and we develop innovative tools permitting in-depth analysis.

Foreign Desks

Are you the subsidiary of a foreign group?
Find out how our Foreign Desk can assist you.

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