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Financial consulting

Providing support for fundamental projects

In a constantly changing environment, finding the path to solid and sustainable growth is a complex and delicate exercise. To do so, you must be able to identify the information or opportunities that will enable you to make the right decisions to create a decisive competitive advantage.

Our teams of M&A financial advisors, due diligence specialists, consultants and consolidators will assist you to maximise the expected value creation from the production and analysis of your financial information, changes in your financial organisation, and equity or financing transactions carried out.

We will guide you

A wealth of expertise to help you implement your strategy

Support for finance departments

For over 10 years, our team has assisted the finance departments of major groups, mid-market companies and growth companies in diverse environments. It has extensive experience, ranging from the initial consolidation of a group to the carve-out of an entity, and including initial listings, the implementation of new standards, and strengthening finance departments to cope with growth.

Transactions: Due Diligence

Over the past few years, our team has performed over 80 due diligence assignments and 40 business plan reviews in demanding environments. It has provided assistance to investment funds and major groups.
This close-knit team establishes a close relationship with its clients throughout the transaction in order to share and guide analysis priorities. We also have extensive experience acquired with the finance departments of corporate clients in non-transaction settings that equips us to clarify the issues at stake and assess the quality of the financial information to be reviewed.

Transactions: Corporate Finance

Our team, which has over 20 years’ experience in M&A transactions involving industrial players and private equity funds, will assist you in planning and completing your business disposal and transfer transactions, external growth projects, fundraising or financing searches.
By working with us, you will benefit from customised support based on a specific understanding of your issues that ensures a response tailored to your issues.


Throughout their lives, companies go through many stages, each of which requires specific expertise to enable them to continue to grow. You must be assisted by people who specialise in turnaround issues or difficulties encountered by companies: financial analysis and proposal of solutions, forecasts, etc.

Management control
Corporate Finance
Transaction services

Reducing publication time frames, implementing IFRS, and installing new consolidation software packages are among the changes that many consolidation departments have had to deal with, in addition to the traditional account closing process.

In this context, key factors for successful account closing have been developed. In-depth knowledge of the various accounting standards in order to make appropriate restatements, flawless planning of this complex process, mobilising the right level of resources for a limited period of time, and anticipating significant and non-recurring issues of the relevant account closing process are all key points.

Experts who understand your concerns

Completing the consolidation required for account closing within the deadlines requires mobilising resources. This may be a frequent problem for your group if it is growing because it faces increasingly complex consolidation processes. This may also be the case if your group is more mature and does not wish to build up its in-house resources solely to meet the peak of activity peak associated with account closing.
It may therefore be preferable to rely on external resources to manage your consolidation process in a more optimal manner, particularly during the final phase.

Our offer

We provide services to groups with complex consolidation issues: consolidation scope of over 100 companies, in France and abroad, applying different consolidation methods and with significant numbers of additions and deletions to the consolidation scope.
Our team is responsive and supervised by consolidation experts. Our in-depth knowledge of the main software packages on the market, together with our specific tools, ensure optimal management of certain issues.

• Additional resources
Assignment of persons with different levels of expertise to deal with the workload associated with account closing.

• One-off support
One-off support on general issues or specific account closing points.

• Optimisation
Optimisation of the consolidation process and identification of risks.

• Other assistance
Assistance in drafting instructions and defining a timetable.

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