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Transformation consulting: assisting banks and insurance companies

For companies, change has become perpetual. Each day, they must evolve in search of new markets, tools, customers and operating methods. ADS Consultants assists banks and insurance companies during the operational implementation phases of these projects.
Our teams quickly integrate the processes in place in order to transpose them to the target environments and tools. They will support your teams on a day-to-day basis before the change: design, measurement of gaps and adaptation. Then post-change, we will ensure the operational security of the new processes.

Adapting to a rapidly changing world

You must be agile and innovative in order to move resolutely into the future. Our expertise in following areas can guide you towards success.

Accounting migration

Assistance to Finance and Accounting Departments and their projects to change their accounting ERP system.

Quality of financial information

• Implementing or optimising the accounts justification process
• Implementing or optimising management control
• Securing the financial information production processes

Optimisation / Redesign of processes

• Implementation of new regulations and obligations
• Providing change support

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