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Wealth management: a personalised long-term approach

A customised long-term approach

Your wealth is built on the basis of life goals, aspirations and priorities. Our wealth management experts can help you create and develop your wealth to prepare for your future.

We will analyse and summarise your current situation, focusing on financial aspects for investing your savings, real estate aspects to suggest investments in property, and on legal and tax aspects to provide tax planning assistance and help you reduce your taxes. This analysis, in the form of a comprehensive assessment of your assets and liabilities, combined with attentive listening to your goals and projects, will enable us to propose a strategy tailored to your needs. Regardless of your profile and objectives, we will set up customised, scalable and secure strategies.

For business owners and the liberal professions
For individuals

As a business owner, creating value is one of your day-to-day challenges. An appropriate legal and tax organisation for your company enhances the value of your work.

Our professionals offer their services at all strategic stages in the life of your company.

Assisting you

Buying your offices

Choice of the legal structure, appropriate tax regime, anticipating the disposal/sale of the property and favourable tax conditions.

Investing your cash

Analysis of the financial structure, search for solutions providing a secure return and implementation of recommendations.

Setting up a holding company

Assistance in setting up a holding company to manage the group, organise cash flows and optimise taxation.

Transferring your company

Definition of objectives, control, ensuring equality between heirs, and reducing taxes at the time of the transfer.

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