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Legal notices
EXPONENS Conseil & Expertise

A chartered accountancy firm registered with the Paris professional association
A statutory auditor firm, member of the Paris regional association
A French simplified limited company (SAS) with share capital of €6,000,000
Paris Trade and Companies Register no. B 351 329 503 00137
EU VAT no.: FR 04351329503

Legal representative: Jean-Pierre Bourgin, President
Publisher: Jean-Pierre Bourgin

Head office: 20 rue Brunel, 75017 Paris

Web hosting

Registered office
63-65, Boulevard Masséna – 75013 Paris
RCS 423 093 459 Paris – Capital social : 630 000 €
N° de TVA : FR81423093459
Tel +33 (0) 1
Fax +33. (0) 1 43 73 18 51

Fourniture de contenu

Les Echos Publishing
Registered office
10 Boulevard de Grenelle, 75738 Paris Cedex 15
Paris Trade and Companies Register no. 381 123 868 – Share capital: €1,728,750
Production and administration
15 rue de la Demi-Lune – BP 1119 – 86061 Poitiers Cedex 9
05 49 60 20 60 – 05 49 01 87 08
Publication Director: Pierre Louette
Editor-in-Chief: Laurent David


The website is a purely information website whose purpose is to provide information about the activities of Exponens Conseil & Expertise. The information contained on the website shall under no circumstances be considered a recommendation of any investment service and shall not be deemed marketing activity.

Legal provisions / Authors’ rights / Copyright

The entire site is the property of Exponens Conseil & Expertise.

The content of this website is protected by the laws in force in the field of intellectual property law and copyright law. It is governed by Article L. 122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Users of the Exponens Conseil & Expertise website shall comply with the intellectual property rules applicable to the various types of content offered on the website, i.e.:

Without the prior authorisation of Exponens Conseil & Expertise, users shall not reproduce, summarise, modify, alter or redistribute any article, title, application, software, logo, trademark, information, illustration or photograph for any use other than strictly private use, which excludes any reproduction for business or mass distribution purposes.

Users shall not copy all or any part of the website to another website or to an internal corporate network.

A hyperlink to this site may be created only with the prior agreement of Exponens Conseil & Expertise.

Users shall not commit any act that may be contrary to the law. In this respect, users are informed that offences aimed at the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer systems and the data that is stored, processed or transmitted by such systems, or attempts to commit any such offence, are punishable by imprisonment for a period of between three months and five years and a fine of between twenty-six euros and two hundred thousand euros, or by one of these penalties only.