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Auditing: your confidence-builder

Creator of trust

Whether or not you are legally required to have your financial statements certified, an audit enables you to assess the financial and operating performance of your business. In particular, it can identify areas that need to be strengthened or discover untapped opportunities. An audit thus helps to improve the performance of your risk management, internal control and governance processes and to reassure stakeholders.

Our auditors provide services in a broad range of business sectors. They will support you in this process by ensuring optimal quality control and guaranteeing our independence and our objectivity. By looking beyond the numbers, we proactively participate in your company’s ongoing control process to create opportunities and drive growth.

By your side

We will provide you with an objective and impartial analysis of the financial health and efficacy of your company.

Legal audits & statutory audit services

In France, many entities are required by law to appoint a statutory auditor. A statutory auditor verifies financial information in order to give a true and fair view of a company’s performance and financial position.

Other duties of statutory auditors

Companies may request that the statutory auditor provide services in addition to certifying the financial statements. These services may include any related assignments that lead to certification of numerical data or processes, a report on financial transactions required by law, a mapping of the company’s risks and, more broadly, opinions and recommendations.

Contractual audits

Businesses need auditors who have an understanding of their business sector, long-term strategy and related risks. They require auditors who know how to tap into their expertise during the audit process.

For all your specific needs, we will provide you with the support you require to give you an accurate picture of your company’s financial health. This strategic necessity encourages growth by inculcating two key aspects: greater trust and greater transparency.

Risk management

Control your risks to secure your performance via a comprehensive and modular system adapted to your business activity and your needs.

Foreign Desks

We have many years of experience in assisting foreign companies, making us a solid partner to perform legal and contractual audits of your subsidiaries.

Legal audits
Contractual audits
Verification of expenditures on European projects

Certain processes that comply with legal obligations, such as the certification of the annual financial statements, are key elements of your company’s financial communication and governance. It is therefore essential that you be supported by independent and transparent external auditors and statutory auditors.

Our external auditors and statutory auditors have an in-depth understanding of the business environment, honed by assignments carried out in companies in a wide variety of sectors. You will benefit from ongoing communication with the auditors, a unique audit approach, and a working method based on powerful and fully secure digital tools that meet the data confidentiality requirements of our profession.

Statutory auditors

A partner of your business

The statutory auditor is a sworn legal auditor who verifies the financial statements of companies, associations, trade unions and public entities. This legal obligation aims to certify that the annual and consolidated financial statements are free from material misstatement and provide a true and fair view of the company.

Our statutory auditors can also perform other legal assignments, known as services other than the certification of the financial statements. They are used to prepare specific reports, opinions or certificates in the following cases: regulatory obligations or in response to needs expressed by companies, and always in compliance with our Code of Ethics.

Certification of financial statements

Independence and ethics

Certification of the financial statements is a legal obligation that aims to verify that the company’s financial data complies with the standards in force. In order to promote transparency and trust, entities that are not subject to this legal obligation may also have their accounts certified. In this process, our statutory auditors play an essential role in serving the public interest. In particular, they are bound by robust principles of independence and ethics. The five stages of certifying the financial statements:

• Assessment of the internal controls of the audited entity.
• Analysis of the risks of material misstatement.
• Implementing the verifications to be performed, tailored to the size and complexity of the company.
• Issuing recommendations to governance bodies.
• Expressing an opinion on the financial statements.

Services other than certification of the financial statements

At your request

Our statutory auditors can also perform related assignments, particularly services other than the certification of the financial statements.

Regulatory obligations: primarily in connection with transactions involving capital.

Depending on the needs you express at your own initiative: acquisition audits, VDD, certification of financial information, compliance audits, approval of prospectuses and registration documents, GDPR, opinions and recommendations, risk mapping, etc.

Our other legal assignments

Our other roles

Our sworn auditors may also perform other legal tasks separately from a statutory audit mandate.

• Appraisals of contributions and mergers: : our statutory auditors are at your service for transactions involving contributions, mergers or demergers.

• Conversion appraisals: we verify the value of the company’s corporate assets and certify that equity is at least equal to the capital.

• Special privileges appraisal: we are at your service to describe and value the preferences granted to a company’s shareholders.

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