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Our ambition: to take you further.

How to improve your performance?
How to comply with regulatory requirements?
Is my business competitive enough to expand into new markets?

Each stage in the life of your organisation presents new challenges, decisions to be made, choices to be validated, problems to be solved, directions to be taken. Faced with these constant changes, how can you ensure your projects have every chance to succeed?

We are specialised and complementary, so we can decipher, secure and guide your choices and enable you to decide, manage and move forward with complete confidence.

Our vision

Success depends on a series of decisions taken at the right time and implemented intelligently. Numbers alone say little or nothing. Exponens deciphers them, structures and secures them, to make them useful action tools for managers. We offer a pragmatic and positive approach in which each piece of advice guides you towards success and provides the necessary confidence to meet all challenges.


Our values

A sense of challenge that converts complexity into a tool for action.

Intellectual acuity that allows you to get ahead of obstacles.

Growth as an objective to steer your choices in the right direction.

Active listening to keep abreast of developments, adapt and anticipate solutions.

This is the range of attributes that we place at your service, to provide your projects with a clear and controlled framework in which each piece of advice opens a path to success.

Our commitments

Our commitment goes beyond the success of your projects. We also focus on the implementation of a true CSR approach.

Our strategic alliances

We are a member of networks of independent accounting, audit and consulting firms because we demand exemplary quality for you.
We offer you the benefit of a broader synergy of expertise, in France and abroad, thanks to our membership in the Eurus and BKR International networks.
We are able to provide you with the assurance of first-class technical support through our membership in the Technical Association for Harmonisation (ATH).


We are a founding member of Eurus, the second-largest federation of accounting and audit firms in France. The Eurus Alliance is an economic interest group that offers a synergy of expertise, experience and services to its members. Members benefit from pooled tools and services, regular training, and a nationwide network throughout France.

Discover Eurus


For over 20 years, we have been an independent and active member of the BKR International network, one of the 10 largest networks of accounting firms worldwide. This alliance makes it possible to provide support to our clients abroad, but also to assist foreign companies in France, via our international department, which on a day-to-day basis works in English, German, Italian and Korean.

Discover BKR


ATH is a technical monitoring and maintenance network that assists its members with topical issues, such as new tax and legal measures. Membership provides access to ongoing technical regulatory intelligence and high-quality services, through training courses and specialised seminars, an extensive professional documentation centre, and annual quality controls of all our production processes.

Discover ATH