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  • The end of paper receipts postponed again!

    The ban on the systematic issuance of paper receipts by businesses, which was to come into force on April 1st, 2023, is postponed to August 1st, 2023.

    The systematic issuance of paper receipts by businesses was to be banned from April 1st, 2023. However, the government decided to postpone the entry into force of the measure.

    Prohibition on printing receipts

    Initially scheduled for January 1st, 2023, the entry into force of the measure had been postponed to April 1st, 2023. A new postponement has just been decided until August 1st, 2023 because of the wish of many French people to be able to continue, in this transitional period of high inflation, to check, through their tickets, the accuracy of the amount of the shopping.

    Remember that, as of the new date that will be fixed (unless further postponed!), the systematic printing of receipts by businesses and premises open to the public will therefore be prohibited. The same will apply to vouchers and promotional tickets, credit card receipts and tickets issued by ATMs. So, all these tickets cannot be printed unless the customer expressly requests for it.


    There are some exceptions to the principle. Thus, will continue to be automatically printed: – receipts, or other invoice documents, relating to the purchase of “durable” goods (household appliances, computer equipment, telephony, etc.) which mention the legal guarantee of conformity and its duration. – receipts, or other invoice documents, printed by non-automatic weighing instruments (e.g., supermarket or butchers’ scales). – credit card receipts tracing payment transactions that have been cancelled, that have not been completed, that are subject to a pre-authorization regime or that are the subject of a credit. – tickets issued by vending machines whose conservation and presentation are necessary to receive the goods or services and allow, if necessary, the calculation of the amount due in return.

    What are the alternatives?

    If it is not already the case, businesses will have to make the necessary adjustments to this change. However, this doesn’t mean giving nothing to consumers who expressly request for a ticket. Because for the latter, the receipt allows them to check the price of the items paid and to detect any errors. It also allows them to return a defective product or obtain an exchange or refund.

    The transmission of tickets by text message or email is obviously an alternative. But it involves having a suitable cash register software and obtaining the customer’s consent to be able to use his mobile number or email address.

    Another alternative is to send the receipt to the customer’s Privilege Account. But this solution obviously applies only to customers who have such an account.

    Allowing customers to view receipts by scanning a QR Code on a screen placed at the checkout of the store is another possible solution. But this also presupposes to be equipped with the appropriate equipment.

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